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Grete Salzer

Grete Salzer (1892–?) attended the women’s horticultural college of Yella Hertza in the Viennese suburb of Grinzing, where the garden architect Albert Esch taught garden design. At the beginning of the 1920s, she founded the horticultural school ‘Hortensium’ for boys and girls, which prepared pupils for further training in this field. In 1930, Salzer was asked by her brother-in-law to design the setting of Haus Kuhner in Payerbach, a work of Adolf Loos. At the Vienna Werkbund Estate, she and Alois Berger designed the gardens of houses nos. 45–46 by Jacques Groag. In 1939, Salzer emigrated to London, where she is thought to have died during the war.