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Hans Bichler

Hans Bichler (1904–80) studied from 1925 to 1929 at the Kunstgewerbeschule in Vienna under Oskar Strnad and Franz Schuster. At the Werkbund Exhibition in 1932, he furnished house no. 36 by Ernst Plischke. He then became assistant to Oswald Haerdtl at the Kunstgewerbeschule (1935–38), construction manager of the Austrian pavilion at the World Exposition in Paris (1937), and then acting director of the Austrian Werkbund (1938). As a member of the National Socialist Party, he took over Otto Prutscher’s professorship in 1939 – following Prutscher’s forced retirement – and held the post until his suspension in 1945. He was then imprisoned during the process of denazification, but later had the title of professor restored (1969).