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Heinrich Kulka

Heinrich Kulka (1900–71) studied in Vienna at the Technische Hochschule (1918–23) and also attended the Bauschule of Adolf Loos (from 1919); his work for Loos started as early as 1920. He moved to Stuttgart in 1927, where he was active firstly for Josef Frank at the Weißenhof Estate and then for Ernst Otto Nusswald. He returned to Vienna in the following year, and soon advanced to become Adolf Loos’ office manager and partner. In 1938, he emigrated via the Czech Republic to England and then New Zealand. At the Werkbund Estate, he was involved, as Loos’ assistant, in designing houses nos. 49–52, and was solely responsible for furnishing houses nos. 49–50. His biography of Loos, which appeared in 1931, coined the well-known term Raumplan(‘room plan’) to describe Loos’ design principles.